Snacks and Fruit

Snacks and Fruit

Sandy Honore

Snacks and Fruit, 2015


Food Deserts are defined as urban areas where people do not have access to affordable, nutritious food. This issue disproportionately harms African Americans because many areas lack vendors of fresh food due to the remnants of redlining, or refusing loans to people and businesses in areas of “financial risk” which were determined largely by the area’s racial makeup. Stores were often unable to get loans in redlined areas or were unwilling to move to redlined areas because they had significantly less buying power. The lack of access to nutritious food, whether due to a lack of physical access or due to the expense of fresh food, is a large contributor to the staggering rates of heart disease and other preventable health issues that plague the U.S.


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Veronica Kowalski, Ami Parekh, & Devi Majeski