Minimum Wage and Poverty

Minimum Wage and Poverty

Thuc Luong

Minimum Wage and Poverty, 2015


The heartbreaking conditions and atmosphere that poverty-stricken life brings are depicted in this work. Gentrification is sucking the life out of the urban neighborhoods. Minimum wage increases are at a standstill. Young citizens are struggling to keep their future bright on low-paying jobs. Even older folks find themselves scrounging for employment opportunities. Such conditions leave many with little money to buy food and good clothing. Crimes rates continue to thrive in impoverished urban areas. If one were to walk through their neighborhood, what would go through your head?  What is the young man in the foreground thinking?  Is he wondering where his next meal with come from?  Is he wondering how he’ll pay for college?  I can only imagine…..


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Darnell Allen

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Minimum Wage and Poverty