Maya Sultar

GMO? OMG!, 2015


Genetically modified foods were first introduced in 1994 with delayed-ripening tomatoes. GM foods are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced to their DNA through genetic engineering. Although GM foods were found to have no toxic health effects, the long term impact of those products on human health was not thoroughly researched. Because of the health risk of GM foods, they should be labeled so consumers are aware of products that are genetically modified. Yet there is no federal requirement for mandatory labeling of genetically modified products. GMO labeling is mandatory in 64 countries, including most of Asia and Europe, but it is not implemented in the United States. If GMO labeling does not become mandatory, consumers will not be able to make the choice to avoid GM foods if they don't know which products are genetically modified.


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Joanna Lam, Jacky Li, & Jahgod Jones