Don’t Fail

Don’t Fail

Shannon Flaherty

Don’t Fail, 2015


This print highlights the problem with the excessive use of standardized testing. In today’s society, educators are under constant pressure to demonstrate their effectiveness and standardized tests are supposed to do just that. If a school’s test scores are so low than that school is deemed ineffective, the school is susceptible to receiving less funds than schools that score higher. However, the problem is that the wrong tool is being used to determine effectiveness. There are a variety of factors that determine scores on standardized testing. In fact, a study of math results showed that four variables (number of parents living at home, parents’ educational background, type of community, and poverty rate) accounted for 89% of the differences in state scores. Clearly, standardized tests have little to do with intelligence. There are better alternatives to standardized testing which actually demonstrate student talent and creativity including experiments and presentations. Although many people cannot imagine an educational system without standardized tests since they've grown accustomed to them, it's important that everyone recognizes the unfairness and detriment of standardized tests. Everyone can do something whether that be writing to a representative, talking about the issue and/or opting out of standardized tests.


Opt-Out of Standardized Tests



Arlene Garcia, Jared Viz, William Trang, & Ariel Klinghoffe