Burning Through Our Youth

Burning Through Our Youth

Jared Selesky

Burning Through Our Youth, 2015



This artwork is a symbol of the hypocritical pointless state of our current Marijuana laws. “The Man” is lighting the head of a more casually dressed smaller citizen. This shows the control of the freedom of the lower class of regular United States citizens by the upper echelon, how they seem to get high off of burning our rights; how they keep legal alcohol and cigarettes which kill the small citizen, while making illegal a non-lethal plant. It seems they are doing more harm to us than what they are trying to keep us safe from. The smaller citizen as the title suggests could symbolize a child being hurt by our drug laws. Loss of revenue from sale of drugs, tempting children and allowing them to go to the streets to get drugs instead of the state regulating. Also the picture and title show how public opinion is changing and how our parents’ changing views on marijuana is burning through to our youth and is a prediction of our future marijuana laws.




The US Marijuana Party








Leo Maiorana, Robert Lucklain-Rowl, & Hannah Baker





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Burning Through Our Youth