Art Inspires

Art Inspires

Lachlan Herrick

Art Inspires, 2015



In recent years the incorporation of arts into our education has dwindled down to virtually nothing. Other subjects are considered to result in lucrative jobs and overall success while the arts are portrayed as extracurricular activities that won't be beneficial for students. We are looking to change that stigma and express the critical thinking, collaboration and creativity that students can develop by being exposed to more arts. The best way to achieve this is by promoting the arts to all students, causing a public demand for arts in schools. By doing this, we can then continue to build this foundation of admiration for arts to provide stable, long living access to arts and a new understanding of the integral component of the arts in our lives. Changing the ways the arts are portrayed in schools will further show that art inspires students to be themselves to the fullest extent.




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Nori Helem