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Lady in White Dress

Francis Hayman (Attributed to)

Lady in White Dress, c. 1740

Oil on Canvas


Hayman, an 18th century English painter and illustrator, is known for an array of styles and subject matters. Though he was trained as a decorative painter and theater scenery painter, Hayman established himself with a variety of naturalistic landscapes, conversation pieces, and portraits. Hayman does not appear to have been a particularly innovative portraitist, but found a market for his work among the growing middle class of doctors, literary men, and actors. His portraits are criticized for repetitious and rigid figural formulae, rarely using informal figures. Later in his career, Hayman had limited success as a history painter while collaborating with fellow English painter, William Hogarth. 

Condition of the Artwork (2009): 

Extensive contraction cracking in the background has been inpainted but the inpainting has gone brown and no longer matches well. Numerous fine abrasions to her clothes and arms lower the visual quality of the painting.

Conservation Treatment Proposed: 

  • Remove/reduce any surface grime with the appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Adjust poorly matched inpainting losses and inpaint abrasions with conservation quality materials.
  • Apply a conservation quality finish varnish overall.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field.

Estimated Cost of Treatment: $1,500.00