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Two Sufi Saints Holding a Formal Audience (Durbar)


Two Sufi Saints Holding a Formal Audience (Durbar), with Numerous Notables Seated to Each Side

Opaque Watercolor, Ink

Gift of Dr. Alvin O. Bellak 

Current Condition of Artwork:

Pressure sensitive tape in the bottom corner of verso and linen tapes along verso edges. Adhesive residue with backing and attachments. Various campaigns of crude repairs. Slight embrittlement on primary support. Moderate abrasions/skinning overall to support and severe abrasion/burnishing along trimmed edges of image. Minor random accretions. Extensive insect grazing throughout. Image is mottled overall with staining in the bottom corner. Some black paint is smeared. Extensive tears/fractures in primary support which have been mended by backing. Primary support lifting from secondary in discrete locations. Vertical bulge at center. Numerous creases/folds throughout.

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Reduce pressure sensitive tape and adhesive mechanically.
  • Set down lifting. delaminating edges.
  • Consider improving appearance of fill in upper right corner with toned overlay (optional).

Estimated Cost of Treatment:      $500.00