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Two Ladies Dancing in a Forest

Indian, Rajasthan

Two Ladies Dancing in a Forest, 20th Century

Opaque Watercolor, Gold


Gift of Dr. Alvin O. Bellak

Current Condition of Artwork:

White pressure sensitive tape hinges in upper right and upper left corners of verso. Paper remnants along recto edges. Adhesive residue with attachments. Random minor accretions. Extensive abrasions/skinning along recto margins and side edges of verso. Minor surface grime. Soft diagonal crease across bottom corner. Extensive cracking throughout image with some cupping.

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Reduce pressure sensitive tape hinges and adhesive mechanically.
  • Reduce accreted paper along recto margins (optional).
  • Overlay skinned margins with toned tissue (optional).

Estimated Cost of Treatment:      $500.00