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Two Elephants, Three Figures

Indian, Punjab School

Two Elephants, Three Figures

Opaque Watercolor


Gift of Dr. Alvin O. Bellak 

Current Condition of Artwork:

Three pressure sensitive tape strips to top edge of verso. Extensive fills and paper patches, partly reduced, on verso. Adhesive residue with attachments, in lower left corner, and along patches. Random minor accretions. Extensive losses throughout support, many filled. Paint losses with support losses and extensive abrasion. Extensive abrasions/skinning along support edges and creases. Extensive abrasion throughout surface of image. Numerous wormholes, grazing, and some insect losses to support. Some abrasion to image may result from grazing. Tide line with stain across top and oily or adhesive stains on support. Image has numerous stains and sunk adhesives disfigure design areas. Some patches of filled support edges are lifting. Support puckers from uneven restraint of patches. Support has numerous tight vertical creases and random creases throughout.

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Reduce pressure sensitive tape and adhesive residues mechanically.
  • Extensive cosmetic work (remove patches, fills, reduce staining, relax, mend or line overall, fill/tone losses) would improve appearance but would be very time consuming (optional).

Estimated Cost of Treatment:      $500.00