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Text Folio from a Shah Nama Manuscript

Sultanate of Bijapur

Text Folio from a Shah Nama Manuscript, c. 1610

Opaque Watercolor, Ink, Gold


Gift of Dr. Alvin O. Bellak 

Current Condition of Artwork:

Attachments inlaid in false margin. Pressure sensitive tape, hinges, and repairs on verso. Adhesive residue/staining with hinges and repairs. Both supports are extremely brittle. Random minor accretions. Minor surface grime. Losses in the upper right corner and edges, with random small interior losses throughout and paint losses associated with support losses. Minor abrasions/skinning. Tears/fractures throughout, possibly from corrosive media. Cockling throughout. Some adhesives appear to have sunk to recto. Minor random insect damage. Minor inpainting in margin. Bleeding/blurring of black ink at lower left of text panel (lower right verso).

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Reduce pressure sensitive tapes, adhesive mechanically. Test solvents/suction table to reduce sunk adhesive residues.
  • Mend fractures in support.
  • Fill/tone losses in margin (optional).
  • Reduce old hinges verso (optional).

Estimated Cost of Treatment:      $1000.00