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A European Lady Seated on Throne

Indian, Rajasthan, Mewar

A European Lady Seated on Throne and Drinking Wine, c. 1740
Opaque Watercolor, Gold


Gift of Dr. Alvin O. Bellak 

Current Condition of Artwork:

Paper strip along left edge of verso; pressure sensitive tape hinges on verso. Losses to upper left, bottom center, bottom right corner; pinhole losses in top center. Abrasions/skinning along edges. Minor grazing to support and minor grazing to red border and the right of the hand in the image. Minor accretions and minor surface grime. Minor edge tears in bottom left. Minor creases along border. Losses, cracking, cleavage/flaking in whites of image.

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Consolidate flaking paint.
  • Reduce pressure sensitive tape and adhesive mechanically.
  • Mend edge tears.
  • Reduce old hinges (optional).
  • Fill edge losses and tone losses in red border (optional).

Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $500.00