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Scribners Magazine Cover Ram & Shepherd

Wilfred J. Jones

Scribners Magazine Cover Ram & Shepherd, c. 1916

Gouache on Paper


Gift of Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Greenhall (Artist's Daughter) 

Wilfred Jones was a 20th century Philadelphia painter and drawer. Jones was a regular contributor to Scribner’s Magazine, producing numerous cover images for them. His cover images are marked by bold colors, thick outlining, and two dimensional shapes. 

Current Condition of the Artwork: 

The gouache illustration is executed on a very poor quality illustration board. The thin wove surface paper and underlying cardboard are very deteriorated and brittle. There are extensive physical damages, breaks, and losses to the board and paper. The back top half of the support has a thin cardboard adhered to it that holds the broken and detached top left corner in place. There are breaks and losses as described above. The illustration is extremely fragile, delicate, and difficult to handle.

Conservation Treatment Proposed: 

  • Stabilize the illustration board. However, the inherent poor qualities of the acidic board limit this treatment.
  • Remove board attachment from the back of the illustration board.
  • Minimize glue residues as much as possible, although the sensitive media limits this step.
  • Mend/reinforce illustration board with Japanese paper and wheat starch paste.
  • Detached pieces will be replaced in position.
  • Insert losses to the surface paper with a western wove paper that is similar in weight, tone, and texture.
  • Inpaint inserts to blend them into the image.
  • The artwork will remain fragile and should be stored on a board support and handled with care.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field.

Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $2,400.00