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George Charles Haite

Pevensey, 1896

Water-based Paint on Paper


George Haité was a 19th and 20th century English painter and designer. The son of a textile designer, Haité published a number of works about design, the most significant of which is his Plant Studies for Artists, Designers, etc. Much of his design works is derived from nature and Japanese art, incorporating plant life into wallpapers, fabrics, and decorative objects. Haité also helped found the Society of Designers in 1896, serving as its first president. In addition to his extensive design contributions, Haité, a rapid sketcher, also painted and exhibited a large number of landscapes in oil and watercolor at the Royal Academy in London.

Current Condition of the Artwork: 

The charcoal sketch is executed on laid paper that is attached at the back corners to an acidic wove paper with dough. A wove paper fragment with partial, unrelated, graphite sketch is attached to front bottom center of primary paper with aged & discolored pressure sensitive tape. The fragment is not attached to the secondary mount paper. The tape is adhered over graphite on the fragment, but on non-image area of the primary sketch paper. The secondary wove paper mount may be original but is causing slight distortion. The back of the mount paper is very dirty. The primary paper is very dirty at the bottom center, especially in and around the horizontal fold and related vertical tears. The media is smudged. 

Conservation Treatment Proposed: 

  • Remove fragment from primary sketch paper.
  • Remove tape from front of fragment. This is made difficult by its attachment over graphite pencil.
  • Reduce adhesive to the extent possible/some discoloration will likely remain.
  • Release primary paper from secondary paper and remove seal material from back of sketch. Secondary paper can be returned, if desired.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field.

 Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $700.00