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Landscape with Trees Reflecting in Lake

Peter Moran

Landscape with Trees Reflecting in Lake, c. 1870

Graphite and White Heightening on Paper


Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Stiefel


Peter Moran was a British-born American landscape painter and etcher. He came from a family of painters, including his two older brothers, Thomas and Edward. Most of Moran’s career was spent in Philadelphia, where he had a reasonably successful career as an etcher. He and his family also ventured to the American West, visiting Yosemite, the Teton Mountains, New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico itself. Although his brothers mostly painted marine and traditional landscapes, Moran was primarily interested in animal subjects. He was particularly fond of cattle and often painted them in addition to more traditional landscapes. 

Current Condition of the Artwork:

The poor quality paper is brittle and broken along the edges. The paper is generally discolored with slightly darker discolorations at their perimeters. The paper has smudges of media on the front and back. There is a strip of pressure sensitive “Scotch” tape along length of back top edge. Sketch .2 has a detached piece of paper with media, broken away from the center right edge. There is loss to the drawing as a result of paper perimeter losses. There is a strip of pressure sensitive “Scotch” tape along length of back top edge. 

Conservation Treatment Proposed: 

  • Test/remove tape.
  • Clean surface.
  • Remove adhesive.
  • Mend/reinforce with Japanese paper and wheat starch paste.
  • Humidify and flatten.
  • Lost image/media will not be replaced.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field. 

Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $800.00