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Italian Alps Farm


Italian Alps Farm

Red Ink, India Ink, Wash on Paper


Purchased with funds provided by the Art Angels


This ink and wash print depicts a small farm, composed of geometric buildings and pastel colors. The perspective of the piece seems slightly confused: the table and chair in the foreground tilt forward while some of the buildings tilt back. Both the purpose of this piece and the artist are unknown, although the work appears finished. 

Current Condition of the Artwork: 

The watercolor painting was water damaged after it was mounted to the acidic cardboard. The painting, paper, and board are all severely affected by the water damage, including fading, distortions, and delamination. 

Conservation Treatment Proposed: 

  • Remove backing.
  • Clean surface.
  • Reduce adhesive.
  • Mend/reinforce.
  • Humidify and flatten.
  • Inpaint.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field. 

Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $2,000.00