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Horse and Rider

Alfred Duca

Horse and Rider, 20th Century

Pen and Ink on Paper


Gift of Margaret Plass


This 20th century drawing by Alfred Duca is a quick pen and ink sketch of a horse and its rider. While the sketch is far from complete, the basic shapes of the two figures are clearly visible. Lighter pen marks reveal traces or a beginning sketch, while darker ink suggests the intended design. Both figures appear slightly skeletal, but it is unclear whether this is intentional or due to the unfinished state.

Current Condition of the Artwork:

The sketch is in relatively good condition, although the aged and deteriorated masking tapes are harming the paper. The masking tape adhesive is embedded in, and causing permanent discoloration to the paper 

Conservation Treatment Proposed:

  • Remove the harmful masking tape.
  • Wash surface to reduce acidic components in the paper and minimally reduce discoloration.
  • Humidify and flatten.
  • All materials used will be appropriate and conservation quality. All work will adhere to the highest standards of the field. 

Estimated Cost of Treatment:  $1,500.00