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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance

Jewel Bradshaw

Zero Tolerance

2015 Linocut

The “school to prison pipeline” is the byproduct of  zero-tolerance policies in schools. The concept is that harsh punishments for minor offenses prematurely introduces young individuals to the prison system, subjecting them to physical and psychological abuse, making it more likely for them to drop out of school, commit further crimes, and, in essence, become real “criminals” (where the original offense they had committed was only a minor infraction.) This issue is perpetuating through the public school system in America, where zero tolerance policies are the norm, disproportionately affecting cities, minorities, and people in poorer communities.


Decarcerate PA is a local organization which advocates for students rights in the judicial system, seeks to decrease the size and capacity of prisons, and promote legislation that seeks to rehabilitate, rather than punish, criminals.


Kat Romano, Rebecca Labow, & Branden Garrett